The Team

Cyril Aouizerate

Cyril Aouizerate, the son of a typographer, was born in Toulouse, France, on April 22,1969.

1992: He attended Hebrew University of Jerusalem and studied with Professor Yeshayahou LEIBOWITZ.

1993: He published the first biography of René BOUSQUET. (René Bousquet Biography of a collaborationist, Forum Editions, France.) He also wrote two philosophical essays: "Crimes without punishment, a civilization rupture" and "Sacrificial Horror".

1997: Cyril went to work with Alain TARAVELLA (ALTAREA-COGEDIM, a real estate investment and development company) from whom he learned everything about developing urban projects.

2001: Creation of URBANTECH Holding and launching of the MAMA SHELTER project.

2001-2008: Creation and development of the MAMA SHELTER project with the opening of the first Parisian MAMA SHELTER 109, Rue de Bagnolet 75019, Paris, France.

2008-2011: Development of the MAMA SHELTER project in Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux, France.

2009: Turning-point encounter with businessman Michel REYBIER, who acquired stake in MAMA SHELTER.

2011: Opening of MOB, a "Wise Food Vegetarian" restaurant in Brooklyn, NEW YORK. Michel REYBIER also acquired stake in MOB Holding.

2013: MOB settles at "La Cité du Design et de la Mode", in Paris, France.

2014: MOB develops its own chain of hotels.

Éric Osmond

The son of steelworkers, Eric Osmond was born in Caen, Normandy, on January 5, 1966. He attended the University of Caen majoring in History and Philosophy, and went to Paris to the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS).

In Paris, he became a political activist and joined the National Bureau of the UNEF ID (National Student Union). Later, he contributed to and was a spokesman for the Manifesto Against the National Front (Far-right party).  In 1998, with Jean-Christophe Cambadelis (French congressman), Eric co-wrote a political history of the French Far-Right, "La France blafarde", published by Plon. Eric was also a parliamentary assistant and a political instructor for the members of the Ligue française de l’enseignement (French League of Education). For thirteen years, he served as Chief of Staff of Lyne Cohen-Solal, Paris Deputy Mayor for commerce, the self-employed and small businesses.

Since April 7, 2014, he has worked with Cyril Aouizerate as a developer for URBANTECH.
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