The Spirit

Cyril Aouizerate founded URBANTECH more than a decade ago; since then, the company has maintained its commitment to realizing all its projects in the spirit of "Concrete Utopia". This spirit can be found in all previous, present and future Urbantech realizations, including Mama Shelter, tourist residential hotels, the revival of the Cité de la Mode et du Design, the MOB restaurants in Paris and Brooklyn now in expansion mode, future projects like "Papa Globe Shopper", a totally new concept of shopping mall, and urban and social housing rehabilitation. The URBANTECH spirit of Croncrete Utopia is based on four principles:

1 Urbanity: because large cities are, by definition, territories where populations strain to live together every day.

2 Wellbeing: because nowadays, a true Human Development Index should be used to measure the real level of social progress.

3 Cultures: because the cultural richness of different societies also constitutes their main challenge: today’s world seems to hesitate between being a universal melting pot and a clash of civilizations. 

4 Sharing: because the act of willingly giving and taking from each other is a significant social issue: sharing is the key to living together within the city.

There you have it! URBANTECH’s Concrete Utopia: sharing the urban territory; learning how to live together again; putting the social question back on the scene; enjoying nature in the very heart of the city; making wellbeing an essential part of our lives; and placing culture at the forefront! This is why we work hard every day at making this "Concrete Utopia" become a reality in our cities.

We invite you to read our manifesto: "URBANTECH, a Concrete utopia". To find it in its integral version click here (French version).
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